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5 signs that it's time to quit a relationship and move on.

How do you know when it's time to leave a relationship? The following are some signs.

(1). Friends or Family: The people closest to you warn you over and over again this is not a good person.

(2). Reality: This person keeps showing you who they are with their actions. That's the first thing you will observe.

(3). They changed attitude: you realized that your partner isn’t who they portrayed in the beginning.

(4). Lack of emotional connection: Your feelings no longer matter. The more you try to make yourself to be more presentable, the more they find you unimpressive, and always find fault.

(5). Emotional Abuse: You make it very clear that a certain behavior/action hurts you, but they continue to do the same thing.

finally, if a person is no longer interested in a relationship, their lifestyle, the way they used to live with you would change.

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