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The three kinds of positions of faith you need to know.

What is faith? According to the oxford dictionary faith means trust in somebody's ability or knowledge, to trust that somebody will do what has been promised but we Christian faith is putting all our trust, hope in God. In this article I will be listing the three position of faith but first I want you all to know that the lord requires us to live by faith because he knows that is the best way to live.

The three position of faith are:

1). The word of faith which is also the message. Romans 10:8

2). The law of faith which is the application or the appropriation of the word of faith. Romans 3:27

3). The spirit of faith which is the lifestyle if faith.

Let me illustrate this last point about the spirit of faith that we believers are to manifest twenty four hours a day.

There were two sisters one was younger and the was older. The older did not like to go to school, she only went because she was obligated to go. The younger one was the opposite of her elder sister, every night she will lay out her clothes in preparation for the coming day or was has if she lived to go to school.

The difference between the both of them is one has the spirit and the other does not. The difference that distinguish the two girls is the same that distinguish many Christian, some live by the law of faith while others live by the spirit of faith. That difference is vitally important.

faith is not an act it is a lifestyle.

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