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Faith Oyedepo Reveals What You Must Do In Courtship To Prevent Shock When You Get Married

We all have embarrassing secrets we wouldn't want anyone to discover. We have passwords to protect our phones, and we can tell lies to hide the secrets, but this should not be the case when you are in a dating relationship with someone.

When you get married, and you find out some things about your partner that shocks you, then it's a proof that you never had a good dating relationship. Faith Oyedepo said that if you communicated well during courtship, nothing will come as a shock to you when you get married, because you will have a foreknowledge of all things; and I'll like to add foreknowledge of the major things to her words.

In Genesis 2, the Bible speaking about how Adam and Eve were when God created them, said that the man and woman were both naked but unashamed. You see, you can take that to mean that they knew everything about each other, but they were not ashamed of what they knew. If you know you are going to end up with the person you're dating, especially if you're sure that God told you to get married to that person, why would you be afraid to share your life secrets with that person?

The reason why marriages don't last today is because couples have thrown away the act of being naked and unashamed. Let's resurrect that virtue, and you will see how marriages will change today. Be blessed.

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