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5 Questions You Should ask Yourself Before Deciding to Get Married.

Marriage is not a business venture a person can just decide to go in and out whenever he or she likes. It is a long-term relationship that requires understanding, commitment, love, responsibility, and intimacy. As an individual who desires to get married to probably the woman or man of your dreams, it becomes necessary to first ask yourself some vital questions that pertain to marriage.

Research has shown that many marriages around the world have shattered, while a good number of others are on the brink of collapsing because of the wrong premise it was structured. According to most relationship experts, they have suggested that individuals who seek to get married, should first ask themselves some important questions that will guide them in their marriage plan. See them below.

1. Why do I want to get married?

What is your sole reason for getting married? Is it to satisfy your sexual desire? Or probably for facial beauty and curve? Or maybe to impress your friends and family members; or whatever the reason might be is something to consider before deciding to get married. Choosing a partner for the aforementioned reasons or other selfish intention is only a path that might lead to regrets in life. As an individual who desires to get married, it then becomes important to have a genuine reason that is devoid of selfish desires because it is only on that ground you can make a good choice of partner.

2. Am I emotionally mature yet?

Marriage is an experience that brings a lot of challenges that will only require an individual who is emotionally mature to scale through. For instance; it takes a high sense of maturity to be able to deal with a woman who always nags or a man who always complains. In my opinion, before a person should decide to get married, he or she should first weigh his level of maturity when it comes to dealing with others.

3. Do I have the financial resources to keep the relationship going?

Of course, marriage will require you to spend money on a lot of things, ranging from food, shelter, security, utility bills, health care and other miscellaneous. As a man who intends to get married, it then becomes important to sincerely ask yourself if you can keep up with these expenses in other not to regret in future.

4. Am I ready for parenthood and the responsibility it brings?

Marriage as you already know comes with the default responsibility of parenthood and mentorship. Before you push through with your plans of settling down in marriage, you should first ask yourself if you are ready to be responsible for your partner’s and children’s welfare. If you notice you aren’t ready to take the mantle of family responsibility; then my recommendation is for you to wait until you are fully prepared.

5. What is the opinion and philosophy of my prospective partner?

Before advancing with your plans of marriage, you should first consider the opinion of the person you intend to marry before pushing on with your plans. On this note; you should consider some questions like; “Is she willing to marry me?”, “What is his or her opinion concerning parenthood and childbearing?”, “will he or she agree to my future goals and aspiration?”, and just to mention but a few. These are the necessary facts you have to find out about your partner so you don’t dabble into something that might lead you to future regrets.

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