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Opinion: 5 Things People Mistake for True Love

It could be very difficult to give a clear-cut definition of the concept “Love”. The Word “Love” is quite broad in it perspective, and that could possibly be the reason why many persons tend to misunderstand its central message.

However, we wish to highlight that you are getting it wrong if you define your idea of love from these elements below:

1) Attention: It is easy to conclude that someone who gives you attention or listens to you is in love with you. While it might serve as one of the prerequisites, it is still not enough to be used as a paradigm. Sometimes when that which attracts the other person fades or goes away, the person loses the partner that used to give him or her attention.

2) Frequent Calls: This cannot be considered holistically to be a measure of “True Love”. It is closely related to the first. Anything could be the reason for the calls. It does not guarantee True Love, there are many other things that are rightly needed. As such, do not be carried away by that voice, which tends to sooth your heart, it could also be infatuation.

3) Dates: Hangouts, Recreations, having good-times, and Dates are never the measure of Love. It is simply a pleasure package. Of course, you know for sure that these things rely on finances in order to be sustained, love does not need such peripheral materials to manifest itself. Some of these things do not last, but love stays.

4) Gifts: Just like the issue of Dates and Hangouts, the presentation of gift items and packages do not necessarily mean that love has found its root in a place. Love do not necessarily need these things to prove itself.

5) Romance and Intercourse: These ones are the most deceptive. People tend to confuse their emotional attractions with Love. They are never the same. We do not even need to have such canal knowledge of ourselves before we can profess that we love one another.


For a closer attempt in the understanding of “Love”, one should note that the real essence of it lies in these matters:

a) Forgiveness.

b) Sacrifice.

c) Respect for Human Dignity and Right.

When next you wish to discuss above Love, I am sure you now know where to start from.

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