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5 Things A Woman Looks Out For In A Man

Before a woman dates you, she will check to see if you meet some standards. A man's physical appearance might attract the woman but if he is not mature, confident, and emotionally stable, she might reject him. In this article, you will learn things women look out for in a man.

1. A man that's not a pushover: Women don't like guys that accept manipulative behavior from others. Such a guy can't say "no" because he doesn't want conflict. When a woman sees that you are a pushover, she might reject you. A woman wants you to stand your ground and go for what you want. 

2. a financially stable man: we might think that money doesn't matter, but it is important in having a healthy relationship. A woman wants to know if you have a nice paying job or still struggling financially.

3. A man that's respected by others: When other people don't respect you, she might think that something is wrong somewhere. To have people respect you, respect others and yourself.

4. Confidence: This is one of the most attractive traits women look for in a man. Women want a man that has the inner strength to go for what he wants. A confident man doesn't need external validation.

5. A man with a sense of humour: Women like guys that can make them laugh. Having a sense of humour means you don't take life too seriously. A woman wants a man that is fun to be with.

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