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Biblical Reasons Why Church Wedding Is Not Necessary After Traditional Wedding

A church wedding also known white wedding takes place in a church, chapel or any other religious venue, presided over by a priest, vicar or officiating holy person. It is usually done by Christians.

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Traditional wedding on the other hand, is done according to the customs and traditions of the people of a society. While in Western societies, church wedding comes after Engagement, in Africa, church comes after the Engagement and traditional wedding.

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Although church wedding has become part and parcel of marriage practices among Christians, it does not have any reference in the Bible.

Church wedding is not necessary after traditional wedding because of the following reasons:

Traditional wedding is equivalent to church wedding. In practice, what today's Christians call church wedding is regarded as the traditional wedding of English people. The traditional wedding is more important than the church wedding in Africa because it is during the traditional wedding that the brideprice is paid.Therefore, Church wedding after traditional wedding is superfluous.

The only wedding ceremony recorded in the New Testament Bible which Jesus attended in the book of John chapter 2 was not done in the Synagogues(today's equivalent of church), but in the home of the celebrants.

"On the third day there was a wedding at (Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Jesus also was invited to the wedding with his disciples." John 2:1-2. More so, Jesus didn't conduct any wedding in the Synagogue.

The Christians in the Bible, didn't do church wedding. In the New Testament, although many of the disciplines of Jesus were married, there's no record of where they did church wedding in the church.

The Bible only recognises traditional wedding. Biblically, after the brideprice is paid during the traditional wedding, the bridegroom is free to go home with his bride. In the Old Testament, a man is free to take his bride away after the traditional brideprice is paid without waiting for church wedding. A good example of this is when Jacob got married in Genesis chapter 29. According to the story, Jacob was given Rachel and Leah after serving their father for 14 years as brideprice.

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