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Dear Men, Never Date or Marry Any Woman Who Has These 3 Qualities.

Marriage is one of the things that virtually everybody cannot do without. Meaning that, at one stage or the other, a person must surely date someone or get married. Every time, the responsibility of making the first move is always placed on the shoulders of the men. And as such, it is required of them to ask before they would be given. Well, it is sad to say that this responsibility is not properly carried out sometimes. The men are mostly moved with this "love at first sight", that they fail to sit down and do some check before letting out their intentions. That is why many of them fall into traps without even knowing it.

However, I am going to share with you 3 qualities that proves that a woman is yet not worthy for a date or for marriage. You have the right to criticize, but please do it in a constructive manner. Without further ado, they are:

1. Laziness:

A wise person once said that there is no food for a lazy man. This made me wonder what he meant. Does it mean that no one would like to give the person food? No! Far from that. In fact, what this person is trying to say is that even if he needs help, he would not have it because he has nothing doing. This vane also applies to a woman. A man can't marry you, just so you could sit all day in his house doing nothing. Even if the woman is a house wife, she shouldn't stay idle. At least she can handle the chores, or better still, find an online job. She shouldn't leave them for a maid who would put an extra financial burden on the husband.

Women who are lazy bring too much problems for their husbands. Feeding the family may become hard at some point. This is because the load has been left for only one to bear. A woman ought to work together with her man. At least, she should be able to handle 30% of the financial responsibility, while the man takes care of the remaining 70%.

2. Expensive Lifestyle:

There is nothing bad in living big. But when you do it outside your financial capacity, then you are looking for trouble. Even though this trouble is avoidable, some people still fall right into it. Men who see women of high taste, but have no money at the moment, simply go as far as borrowing just to keep and satisfy her selfish needs. What a foolish act! That woman who you think loves you for who you are, actually loves you for what you give. You may be surprised that she also has someone somewhere doing the same thing like you, and what she would tell the both of you is "Baby, I love you with all my heart".The worst is when this type of person gets married to a man. Oh! I pity that man. The kind of financial crisis that would befall him would be immeasurable. All his hard earned money may be diverted to fancy clothes and classy hair styles which are useless at the moment. This kind of woman may not consider the welfare of her children. This is why she can go as far as using the money meant for their school fees to buy anything that she wants. Therefore, I'm giving an advice to all the men out there. Stay away from this kind of woman.

3. Too Much Social Media:Social media is good, but an excess of it is an abuse. Not only would it affect your relationship, but it would also slowly damage your mental and psychological health. Women who do too much social media have no time for their partner. Their priority is always placed on how to be the talk of the web. Every time, it's one photo or the other, just to attract people. These kind of people don't plan their lives accurately. Then how would they plan a future with you. Marriage isn't all about hugs and kisses. There are deep insights that comes with it, and too much social media is not a revelation to those insights. Therefore, marry someone that is mature enough to know when to drop her phone.

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