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What do you gain from cheating? (Opinion)

A man is on his matrimonial bed with his wife, he cannot sleep, after some minutes and upon hearing his wife’s soft snores, he picks up his phone and heads out either to the toilet or the bathroom or more preferably outside to the balcony and then he dials a number and guess he is calling? His girlfriend, or better still call it his “side chic”.When she picks up, Oga proceeds to vomit a ton of crab and lies fit for the ears of a child, he makes tons of promises and promises ranging from “Baby I love you, I cannot live without you, I am nothing without you, I miss being with you, I will send you the money you requested, I cannot wait to see you again, I miss making love to you” and a host of other lies and rubbish and at the end of that call, he certainly makes a transfer to the lady’s account, ignoring the plight of his own home and maybe that of his children and that of the wife he left behind in bed. 

Madam, where no de dull was waiting for Oga to leave the bed having snored a bit. Madam picks up her phone and probably dials a number or maybe logs into a social media, most preferably Whatsapp seeing as it has become the most used social media app in cheating and being able to hide your affairs. Madam mutters some curses under her breathe on Oga, and then laughs. “He thinks he is smart or he is the only person that knows how to cheat”. And then her lover picks up and then the chat starts, but in this case, it is madam who is uttering to her own lover the same word Oga said to his lover. And then the cycle continues and it begs the question, what are the two of them gaining outside their matrimony that couldn’t come easily between the pair of them.And funny enough, what they are looking for outside comes at a price and the end result will definitely bounce back on the pair. Oga is more likely looking for warmth and intimacy outside in the arms of another woman, and for that warmth he pays for transport fair, hotel bills, buys food and drinks and definitely at the end of the escapade will deposit some amounts of money for “Upkeep” because obviously what he seeks has to be taken care of. And then at the end of the day, the lady maybe gets pregnant or maybe dashes Oga some syphilis because in truth, Oga is not the only one taking care of her, there are definitely other customers.And on the other hand, Madam feeling neglected by Oga seeks warmth elsewhere and requires her needs be met in the arms of some hot looking guy and in this case, the dude might be younger and madam then becomes “sugar mummy” and of course the guy has to be taken care of and at the end of the day, madam gets pregnant or most likely gets a dose of gonorrhea. And when the two cheating come back, peace flies out on the wings of a pigeon and war flies in on the wings of an eagle.

Worst would be if the marriage had produced kids and these kids get to bear the brunt of a divorce and you can imagine the psychological, emotional and physical damage caused. I really want to know why people cheat.

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