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Reasons Short Girls Prefer Dating Tall Guys

Not all girls like tall guys but most especially short girls prefer them. Some girls would say they care less about a guys height, but sometimes they say this to make the short guys feel appreciated. However, it is a common knowledge that taller men are attractions to short girls. Taller men look more masculine and romantic to them.

Here are strong reasons short girls prefer tall guys:

1) Short Girls Feel Safer With Tall Guys:

Short girls see tall guys as protectors and feel super safe when they are with them. They look like warriors in their eyes and they assume that in case of danger, the guy will simply wrap his hands around her and ensure her safety.

2) Short Girls Feel More Feminine And Petite Around Tall Guys:

When a girl knows she is shorter than her guy, she feels that their height difference highlights both genders. Therefore, a short girl will prefer to date a tall guy who makes her feel feminine thereby making her more confident.

3) Tall Guys Are Considered More Confident:

Short guys will surely not be pleased with this but the truth is most tall guys are confident. On the other hand, short guys likely suffer from low self-esteem because they feel like their height is a disadvantage unlike taller guys. Girls are attracted to confidence since taller guys have more of it, they get more attraction.

4) Tall Guys Seem To Be More Powerful:

Women are attracted to power, and when a lady physically looks at a guy and notices he is tall, she assumes he can carry the whole world on his shoulders. She imagines he holds a lot of authority and would prefer to be with him.

5) A Tall Guy Acts Like A Personal Bodyguard:

When short girls are with tall guys, they feel protected. As long as he is tall and muscular, he's fit for the job. Taller men are naturally intimidating, and since women want to feel safe and protected, they go for them. A girl wants her guy with her all the time to keep her away from other men. Women love attention, but when she gets that one man and falls for him, she desires to have his attention only. This doesn't mean short guys aren't protective.

Also don't forget the smooching part. Its just so romantic. When the guy bends his head or kneels down just to reach her or she stands on her toes to reach him. Its so exciting to watch. Science has proven that short girls and tall guys make a perfect couple.

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