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You need to see the 5 ways pornography can ruin your life and your relationships.

I was looking for new movies to download the other day to wile away time and kill boredom and so I went on this site to check out new series, and then pop-ups started coming in filled with pornographic images and videos, I was confused at first and checked if I clicked on the right site, it was so annoying to see, to be honest, imagine if I was someone sufferring from pornographic addiction, and I was struggling to stop and the internet keeps showing racy and unsolicited videos, it would be really difficult to quit that kind of addiction when it's everywhere even when you're not looking for it.

We live in an exposed generation where everything is available to anybody with a few clicks of the screen, this exposure can be both liberating and destructive depending on how you use it. The internet is indeed a double edged sword. On one hand a lot of information we would have normally paid for is available for virtually nothing, and the other hand, there are things better kept hidden and restricted. 

Pornography is a venture that sells a lot, and millions of people, billions even, are subscribers to these images, and while people who enjoy watching it might feel that if they are not harming anybody by watching it then it can't really be a bad thing, but the truth is they have not considered the fact that they might be bringing more harm to themselves than they might know.

The top 5 ways in which pornography ruins you and your relationship include;

1. It becomes an addictive drug: It is well known that feelings gotten while watching porn, especially while performing acts of masturbation usually leads to the release of the pleasure hormone called dopamine, as time goes on, this hormone creates a reward pathway in the brain, it is actually similar to how cocaine and methadone users force reward pathways by sniffing high amounts of substances into their system, this surge of chemicals creates a new pathway that triggers the brain to always want to go back to that reward pathway every time, these triggers can be quite hard to control and that is precisely what brings about addiction. It can be very self destructive when a young malleable mind starts watching pornography and takes his lessons and sexual orientation from unrealistic images and perfection. This young mind then enters a real life relationship and develops expectations similar to those he/she has seen in the videos, the person might even find it difficult to form a meaningful relationship with values and depth, and would base these relationships on sexual gratifications and nothing else, always trying to practice what is learnt in videos in real life and then getting disappointed when it doesn't work out.

2. It brings a feeling of entitlement and self gratification: The art of delaying gratification is a very essential skill that every reasonable adult should possess if they want to be in control of their lives, in simpler terms, pornography kills your self control, the more addicted you are, the less firm you become in the art of patience and controlling different urges, and that is why most people who are hooked on porn and cannot resist the urge to watch it are basically under achievers in other areas of their lives. There is a sense of achievement and confidence you get from knowing for a fact that you are in control of your emotions, urges and primal desires, and those hooked on pornography will lack this sense of confidence and this will inadvertently hamper other areas of their lives subconsciously. 

2. Detachment from reality- The truth most porn watchers might forget is that these videos have been brushed off, edited, cut and manipulated to look like these people are perfect, but it's all a film trick. A typical high end porn video might take 3 days to make, but these people make it look like it's just 45 minutes of unending sex, and these videos will also make it seem like the ladies are in pleasure of whatever the man does, which is all a misleading image leading to violent acts in real life. Studies have also shown that when couples are exposed to pornography, they become less and less happy with their partner's appearance after seeing perfect images, the need to augment their partners appearance becomes more inherent.

4. Erectile dysfuction- The scientific term for this disorder is PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction), and a lot more people than you think suffer from this disorder in silence, people don't usually open up about intimate and sensitive parts of their lives to other people, and so that doesn't mean it's a rare occurence, it's just an uncomfortable topic people would prefer not to dwell on for too long, or if possible not at all. A person with this kind of issue will find it difficult to become erect except he watches porn, this is obviously an unhealthy way to live in a relationship, it's reeks of addiction and losing control over one's self. 

5. It affects your personal life: Studies have shown that in a marriage or relationship, if one of the partners seem to have a pornography problem, it leads to secrecy in the relationship leading to anxiety, isolation, and unhealthy comparisons. It is only a few people that can share their porn addiction with their partners and a lot of people still battle with the shameful feeling and the need to hide what they are doing from people, especially their partners and this has ruined one too many relationships.

If you find your self battling from pornographic addiction, seek help from qualified people today. You might also find these books helpful.

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