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8 Reasons Why A Man Would NOT Want To Be In A Relationship

The reasons listed below can be true for the other end, too (meaning why a woman would NOT want a relationship).

1. Lack of transparency - in an age of technology, it is quite easy to cheat on your spouse. There is no end to applications like Telegram and WhatsApp that make it all too easy to have a dalliance with someone else even though you are in a relationship.

2. Inequal societal or legal safeguards - in most societies, women are viewed as weak and hence looked at with sympathy. Men, on the other hand, are believed to be strong, manly, alpha, etc. Men know that if ever the woman (their spouse) drags them to the court, they have little legal protection because the law protects women much more so than it does to men. Women now have more power in terms of legal safeguards, and power corrupts. Absolutely.

3. Materialistic personalities - across my life, I have seen a lot (not exaggerating) girls who are fascinated by money, and perhaps a bit too much for their own good. A man does not want to be in a relationship that will drain him of his savings and assets.

4. Lack of time - some men know that they could never give their significant others the time and attention they deserve because they are too caught up with their work and profession.

5. Too much ambiguity - relationships are not what they used to be. Girls know in general that they have more choices than most guys do (in most countries), and when they have so much leverage, they will certainly not be hesitant to abuse it. Guys are not sure whether their relationship will even last for a decent period of time or not.

6. Bitter experiences - some men have seen a lot of SH*T in life. Their own parents would have had divorces, they have seen their best mates go into chronic depression over breakups, etc. They have a (very) good idea of what happens as a marriage progresses, and they are worried about the same happening to themselves.

7. Lack of financial strength - in the previous times, a man was judged by his physical strength, but now, he is judged by his financial strength.

A man would not think of getting into a relationship unless he knows that he can give his love the kind of lifestyle and comfort she deserves. Even if that means never.

8. Entrepreneurial mindset - for some guys, their business (or start-up) is EVERYTHING, and they know NOBODY and care for NOTHING beyond that.

If you think of it, there are A LOT of reasons as to why a man would not want to be in a relationship.

Thank for reading!!

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