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The study that says couple without children are the happiest is very wrong

According to one study, the happiest couple in the world are those without children, but that study couldn’t be more wrong than it actually sounds. It is one thing to conduct a study, it is another thing to live out the realities of having children and experiencing the joy it feels to have them around; it is super special.

In this regard, a counter study have found that married people with children are happier than those without children. And while happiness was greater among parents with kids from their current relationship, the same was not true for those with stepchildren.

Truth be told, there are moments, when this sort of feeling show it’s ugly face, and children are altogether impossible and a huge pain in the neck, but there are many great ones too. So all in all, the good outweighs the bad side in this equation.

I also discovered that couples who think they’re happier without children mostly seek for their child in every other child that touch their heart. They always have a longing deeply rooted in their hearts. This feeling of incompleteness make them think they don’t need children and somewhat affect their overall happiness.

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In Africa or Nigeria in particularly, the ridicule, taunting and constant verbal bashing a female partner will receive from in-laws, family, relatives and society at large would nearly drive her insane and in this case, children are the only consolation she would need to stay sane.

Anyway, the report is that it is just one study that makes this assertion. In the good old days, parents with eight children end up having a medical doctor, engineers, lawyers, lecturers and these sort of elite professionals. Children are the consolation of their parents and when these parents start getting older and the children become independent and start their own families, they become the prime helpers of their aged parents.

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Now begs the question, how can two people come together in marriage and decide to stay all by themselves without making babies or raising children. Children are the joy and pride of their parents, and in traditional Africa, they come with their unique blessings to give their family a huge lift. Saying that a couple are happier without children is just as weird as it can get and alleging that couples with children are not happy is the worst assertion ever made. They have their pros and cons, but couples with children are the happiest no matter how troublesome the little ones turn out to be when growing up.

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