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Never Neglect These Four Kinds Of Dreams If You Are Ripe For Marriage To Avoid Delay

There is no doubt that a person's dream life has a way of influencing him/her physically, which is the more reason we should pay close attention to our dream. Dream can be a means through which God Almighty speaks to a person and this revelation can be that of joy or a call to be serious or pray against something.

Even in the bible, Joseph was called the "dreamer", and his dream took him to the palace. He told his kindred about the dream but they hated him because they know fully well that his dreams come to pass.

When a man is at a crossroad, everything that comes across his way shouldn't be taken for granted and when a lady is fully ripe for marriage and trusting God for the right partner, pay close attention to your dream life. Never neglect these four kinds of prayers.

1. Replacing a new shoe with an old one

Wearing of a shoe is symbolic to an engagement that will definitely lead to marriage. If the shoe is a new, it means that your glory days are near and your marital settlement is close, but if it is an old one, it means you still have a long way to go.

When your shoe is replaced with an old one in the dream, it means that there is a demonic manipulation which is trying to delay your marital settlement. If you experience this, don't hesitate to pray this: Father Lord in Heaven, I destroy every marital delay in my life today in Jesus Name, let your divine grace grant me settlement.

2. Replacing a new garment with an old one

Garment speaks of purity and you know fully well that a lady wears a marriage gown which is white in color. White colour in this case signifies purity and when you dream seeing your garment being replaced by an old one, it means that there is a stain which could lead to a delay in marriage. When you see this, don't hesitate to pray this: Father Lord of host, today I destroy every evil and old garment in my life that is causing marital delay, may the fire of the Holy Ghost consume it in Jesus name, Amen.

3. Seeing yourself inside an old house

Generally, seeing yourself inside an old house signifies retrogression and lack of progress in life. When someone who is ripe for marriage dreams seeing himself/herself inside an old house, it implies that there might not be progress in the relationship that will lead to marriage and don't hesitate to say this prayer in order to annihilate it: Oh God in Heaven, every spirit of oldness that is at work in my life, today let the spirit of newness take charge in Jesus name, Amen.

4. Wearing a clean shoe

Wearing a clean shoe indicates marital settlement and if you see yourself wearing a clean shoe in the dream, it means that every marital delay has been annihilated and that you are just a step away to achieving marital settlement. Prayer point: Father Lord perfect that which you have started in my life in Jesus name, Amen.

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