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Two Ways To Know That You Have Lost Your Self Worth In A Relationship

Everyone needs their self worth as a human. Your self worth means that you are confident in yourself and what you bring into your relationship. You know that you are valuable and you are offering value to the people around you. However, there are cases that people lose their self worth and begin to seek validation from the person they are dating.

So what the attitudes that show that a person has lost their self worth in a relationship?

1 Timidity

When you are unable to speak up in your relationship, you are simply saying you have lost your confidence. It shows that you have taken the back seat and you are now allowing your partner to be the boss of you in the relationship.

2 Constantly making wrong decisions

When you continue to make bad decisions in your relationship, it shows you have lost your self worth in the relationship. Now you are accepting anything that goes without fighting back.

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