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4 Signs That Shows You Are Forcing A Relationship That Will Never Work.

There are some signs you are going to notice in your relationship that shows that you are just forcing the relationship, and it will never work, so once you notice these few signs in your relationship, just know you are forcing it, and it will be difficult for that relationship to work. 

1. You always defend your relationship to friends who express concern about it. 

Once you start having problem in your relationship you have to open up too few of your closest friends and tell them what's going on, because most of them has seen life more than us, we learn every day so always put in an open ear for advice from them, but when you know that your relationship isn't working has you planned and your friends are trying to know what's going on, but you end up covering the whole issues up just know such relationship can't work because you are the one forcing it and relationship can't work if only one person is working on it, the both partners has to work together for a relationship to work but if you always do that along that shows that your relationship can't work you are just forcing yourself. 

2. You make excuses for the reasons why your partner never calls you back. 

Maybe you are outside with your friends, and you don't have enough airtime on your phone, and you text your girlfriend to call you back, bur you did not get any respond from her and when your friends start asking you why didn't she called you back you always try to give them excuses, that shows that she don't love you and without love that relationship can't work. 

3. You think you are doing something wrong. 

As a man you do everything in your power just to make your woman happy, but you end up thinking if you're doing the wrong thing because she ends up not being happy or even appreciate you for all you have been doing, just know that the relationship can't work between the both of you and that shows that you are just forcing the relationship, you don't force relationship it works with the heart. 

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