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See Nigerrians' Reactions As Lady Says "I can Marry Someone Without A Job, Love Is What Matters"

When we talk about relationship and welfare is of two different things. A man or a woman can show you love but once they found out you are lazy the relationship ends.

A lady took took to her twitter page handle @justcallmechii to express her satisfaction toward a relationship that is not based on job which she says "love is what matters, I can marry someone who doesn't have a job but love and shows care for me." 

The lady express further that we have come to a civilised world where you don't expect or need something to make a tangible relationship. Only God in heaven do provide good things for his people and only God can takes from his people. I don't need to panick, if i have a man who doesn't have a job, God in heaven will sustain us and the work I do God will bless it for us.

This statement has caused a lot of argument from her followers whereby some people have called her attention to the point she gave out that is totally forbidden, and it can never happen as a man will be without a job in Nigeria. Some Nigerians expressed further that, in Nigeria once you don't have a job or you don't have where to work on daily basis, you will be regarded as a lazy person who doesn't have a better future. See reactions of people towards her post;

Do you think in Nigeria there will be someone that can love you or marry you without seeing you with a job?

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