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3 Simple Ways To Identify A Girl Who Is Interested In You

Like my friends used to tell me back then that, no matter how sweet, shy, or ugly a guy can be, there would always be a lady that would show interest in him. This is not magic but reality.

Having the ability to love someone is natural, in our society today, it is hard for you to see a lady pronouncing her love for a guy instead it's the other way round. There are so many signs and symptoms a lady will show when she is interested in you, but am going to list only three of them.

1. She Responds To You At All Costs

A lady who is interested in you would want to know everything about you, she would respond to your calls and so listen to whatever you say to her. She would want to have conversations with you on social media, she would bring up a conversation even if you don't feel like chatting. This is a great way to identify if a lady likes you or not.

2. She Laughs At Your Boring Jokes

When a lady is interested in you, she wouldn't mind if you are the boring type instead, she will always laugh at your boring jokes. This is because she enjoys your presence, she doesn't get bored each time she is around you. If a lady shows this sign, it means she is beginning to like you.

3. She Calls You All The Time

A lady who is interested in you would want to keep in touch with you at all costs, she would want to check up on you just to know if your day is going well. Girls only sacrifice their airtime to call those they are interested in. So if a lady calls you almost every day, it's a great sign that you are the person she likes.

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