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1 Dangerous Thing That Men Shouldn't Do When Seeking For Private Organ Enlargement

There are some men who may not be comfortable with the size of their private organ because, they feel that it may not be enough for intimacy. According to a research, the average size of a man's private organ when not stiff is 3.61 inches, and 5.16 inches when it is stiff. There are some men who would go extra miles, just to enlarge their private organ. There are some procedures that are not advisable for a man to do because, it is dangerous and may harm the private organ.

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This article will look at 1 dangerous thing that men shouldn't do, when seeking for a way to enlarge their private organ.

Injecting fat into the private organ

This method is called penile augmentation, and men who are not satisfied with the appearance of their private organ, may be provided with this option. This option is dangerous because, it involves injecting fat directly into the private organ. This is done to increase the girth and width, of the private organ. This method is dangerous because, it can make the private organ to swell and lose its original shape. If the side effect of the process is too much, they may have to remove the private organ. Imagine living without your private organ, so you should avoid this.

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According to a research, private organ surgery is considered if a man has a medical condition called micropenis. This means that a man's private organ is 1.6 inches. It is advisable that you talk to an urologist, if you don't feel comfortable with the size of your private organ.

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Source: medical news today

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