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3 Internet Scams We're Still Falling For Till Date

1. The Nigerian Email Scam 

It comes to you by email:

“I am Mr. Paul Agabi,” it says. “I am the personal attorney to Mr. Harold Cooper, a national of your country, who used to work with Exxon Oil Company in Nigeria. On the 21st of April, my client, his wife and their only child were involved in a car accident. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives.”

Amazingly enough, rich dead guy left behind millions of dollars—and your correspondent wants you to have it! If you’ll help Mr. Paul Agabi get those millions out of the country, using your bank account as a parking spot, he’ll share the dough with you, So you get excited. You write back. Maybe you make an offer on a house in Connecticut.

2. The Perfect Girlfriend Scam 

You’re on a dating site, and you find The One: She’s gorgeous, she’s witty, and she’s really into you. She really wants to meet you—and she hints that your first date will be something you’ll never forget. You’re hooked, lined, and sunk.

Oh—but she needs a little money for a ticket to come see you.

Oh, and can you help her out with her rent?

And how does it go when the big night arrives? It doesn’t. She doesn’t show up, because she’s not a real person. She’s a stock photo and a con artist who’s been playing you—probably a male.

3. The Work At Home Scam. 

At this point, you should be rolling your eyes. These Internet scams all follow a pattern.

The work-at-home scam is when you get an email offering you an amazing work-at-home job. Maybe it’s stuffing envelopes, processing insurance claims, or processing credit-card transactions.

All you need to do is buy something up front: processing equipment, or a Web site, or access to a list of some type.

So you send the money, and guess what you get back?

Right. Nothing.

Content created and supplied by: Kissmhie (via Opera News )

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