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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things You Should Not Tell People About Your Husband

A lot of women have drawn unnecessary attention to their marriage because of the things they said about their husbands. These women failed to realize that so many people are not really happy when they see a successful and blissful home and may take it upon themselves to destroy such a family. This is why a sensible woman will not say certain things about her husband to those she feels are her friends. Here are some of them.

1) Never tell your husbands flaws to outsiders : Nobody is perfect and your husband is no exception. It is dangerous to tell friends about your husband's weaknesses. This is because they can easily use it to get him or to take him away from you. Keep such information to yourself and try to work on your marriage.

2) Never tell people about his past life : Your husband's life before he became born again or before he married you should be between the both of you. Don't reveal to people the kind of life or the ladies your husband dated before he married you. Let it all end in your bedroom.

3) His bedroom affairs : Even if you feel your husband is not satisfying you in the bedroom, keep it to yourself and seek solutions. Don't start broadcasting it, as it may lead you to adultery or destroy your husband's pride if he finds out.

4) His Income : The salary your husband makes is not the business of outsiders. Revealing it to outsiders can cause jealousy or trouble you never expected. Some friends may be wolves in sheep's clothing and may go as far as destroying your husband's business or make him to lose his job.

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