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Why A Man Should Not Live or Sleep With A Lady He Is Not Married To

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Relationship begins with a man and a woman when they show a understanding towards each other. They might decide to take the relationship further, into marriage.

However, before the real marriage, the man might be tempted to convince the woman into moving into his house to stay with him, for a period of time.

This should not be the case, as a man should not sleep with a woman he is not married to, due to the following reasons;

To avoid temptations

Human might easily fall into temptation, due to lust of the flesh. When they live together and sleep with each other, it brings about more temptations than usual.

To avoid contracting some transmittable diseases

Having a sexual involvement with a woman whom you're not sure of her lifestyle, is extremely risky. A man should avoid sleeping with a woman he's not married to, so that he will not be a victim of transmittable diseases.

If the man is sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with he, they must go for some medical checkup to ensure that they're both sound, health wise.

For these reasons listed above, men should avoid sleeping with women who is not their wife.

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