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Husband and wife relationship

Secrets of a Happy Family You Must Know(Part 1)

God performed the first marriage. The Bible tells us that he made the first woman and brought her to the man." Adam was so happy that he said:" This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my Flesh." This tells us that God wants married people to be happy.

Sadly, many people have never experienced a happy family life. However, the Bible contains many principles that will help all members of the family to make their family life successful and to enjoy being together. Husbands and wives have very huge roles to play in the family to make it work.

What Does God Expect From Husbands?

1. A good husband should treat his wife with love and respect. A husband will always treat his wife in a loving way. He will also protect her, look after her, and do nothing that would harm her. He should "keep on loving his wife" even when she makes mistakes. As a husband, do not be bitterly angry with your wife when she makes mistakes. Husband's, remember that you too can make mistakes. And if you want God to forgive you,you must forgive your wife. When a husband and wife are both willing to forgive, it will help them to have a happy marriage.

3. God expects a husband to honour his wife. A husband should think carefully about his wife's needs. This is a very serious matter. If a husband does not treat his wife well, God may refuse to listen to his prayers. What makes you valuable to God as a husband, is that he loves God. God does not prefer men over women.

4. A husband and wife "are no longer two one flesh." They loyal to each other and would never be unfaithful to each other. Husband's should unselfishly care for each other's sexual needs. A husband should remember that "no man hated his own body, but he feeds and cherishes it." So every husband should love and cherish his wife. More than anything else, a wife wants her husband to be kind and loving to her.

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