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Blessing CEO: Men, if you don’t want to be stressed, Don’t get married

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO, has given marriage advice to the male folks. She opined that marriage is something that involves a lot of responsibilities and those who are successful in their marriages are well prepared for the challenge, before getting married.

CEO expressed that some men should remain single if they want to avoid stress from their wives. She made her views known via a video making the rounds, where she claimed that men who say they don’t want a woman who will stress them, are not ready for marriage.

According to her, “Some men say that they don't like a woman who will stress them but they want to get married. They should remain single.”

She went on to say that many women have no idea what a marriage relationship is, saying “I went to a seminar and I asked some women why they want to marry and what they will do in marriage. Only three out of 45 women were able to tell me concrete things that they want to do in marriage.”

Blessing CEO opined that getting married is not a problem, the challenge comes in handling the pressures that comes with it.

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