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Jubilation As 55-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Triplets In Bayelsa After Many Years Of Marriage

The phase 'what God cannot do does not exist' has yet been proven to be true as a 55-Year-Old woman in Bayelsa State welcomed a triplets after several years of marriage. I can imagine the pain this couple endured for years and the backlash the husband received from his family for years due to the inability of his wife to take in, talk more of putting to bed.

Children are indeed blessings from God and the truth is that while others get this blessing at a plater of gold, it takes others several years before the blessings of the fruit of the womb can smile at them. The good news is that God changed her story and wiped away her tears after several years of being childless.

Just like what Joel 2:25 said, God is still in the business of restoring the years that the kankerworm, the locusts and caterpillars have eaten and when he does that, he restores it double. This 55-Year-Old woman has stayed for years without a child and when the Grace of God smiled at her, she welcomed a triplets.

Below is a photo of the woman, her husband and some family members at the hospital where she put to bed.

Bayelsa Community were thrown into jubilation at the arrival of the triplets as men and women came out of their houses to celebrate with the family who welcomed babies after years of marriage. They held a paint bucket, bobbed powder all over their bodies and were celebrating.

This is one of the best thing I have seen today and I pray that may celebration never depart from their homes.

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