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Husband and wife relationship

6 Things A Man Should Have Before Getting Married

Marriage is not something you just rush into. A lot of people get married because they feel their age mate is getting married, or because they feel they just need a wife. 

Marriage doesn't work that way, and as a man, you should understand the fact that age is not a necessary requirement for marriage. 

Here Are 6 Things A Man Should Have Before Getting Married. 

1. AN Idea Of Whom He Wants. 

As a man, before you get married, you have to have some idea of the type of woman you want to marry. You can't just pick any woman and marry her, you have to understand the first thing you require in a woman. 

2. Maturity

Marriage is not a bed of roses. It is for mature minds. You have to be mature as a man before thinking of marriage. If you have not reached the stage of handling a tough situation, then you are not ready for marriage yet. 

You require learning how to control your emotions and make wise decisions in a hard moment. Beating your wife when having a misunderstanding shows you are not yet mature for marriage. 

3. Vision. 

You have to plan yourself. Vision is very important in marriage, you have to improve the way your marriage and family will be in the next 3 to 4 years coming. 

You have to set up a mission as a man because without vision you are heading nowhere. 

4. The Zeal To Be Committed

If you know you are not ready to be faithful and committed to your wife-to-be, you have no need to be married. 

You have to be fully committed before heading into marriage as a man if you want long-lasting relationships or marriage. 

5. Knowledge Of The Woman And How To Treat Her

As a man, you have to understand the type of woman you want to marry and how to treat her. 

Because if you don't know about the woman, you want to marry her likes and dislikes, it will be hard for you to treat her well after marriage. You require understanding your woman before asking her to marry you. 

6. You Need A Job Or Business

Before you think of marriage or get married, you have to have ways of securing incomes for yourself, either you get job/business. 

Starting a family requires a lot of bills and responsibilities, so money is highly needed when it comes to family. A man requires learning how to provide food to the table to satisfy his obligation as a man before a family can live in his chaos. 

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