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Dear Guys, Here Are 4 Things You Can Do To Attract A Woman

It is possible to make a woman come after you without words. Understand that women are more attracted to how you behave than what you say. If a man claims to be a high-status person but behaves in a needy way, a woman won't find him attractive. In this article, you will learn ways you can attract a woman without saying anything.

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1. Make eye contact: when you make eye contact with a woman, you are indirectly saying to her that you like her. When she Observes that you are giving her eye contact she will want to keep it if she finds you attractive.

2. Have some female friends: Women want social approval. If she sees that you always have attractive female friends, she will think you are good to be with. So, have two or three female friends you can sometimes go out with. Women don't want to miss out on a great guy. When they see women are always around a guy, they will want to know more about him. 

3. Have the right body language: With the way you walk and carry yourself, women can be drawn to you. Don't cross your arms or legs as it is seen as a man that is not friendly. Don't slouch. Slow down your movement as it creates a mystery for women. When you have the right body language, women will come for you.

4. Always look good: If you want a great woman in your life, be ready to work on your appearance. Put on your best clothes and shoes. When you dress and smell nice, women will want to know you more. Have a nice haircut, trim your nails and wear cologne.

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