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5 Things A Woman Will Not Do If She Truly Loves You

When a woman loves a man, she would do just about anything to please him. Men know that all they need do is to get a woman to love them and leave the rest to the woman. Woman are natural keepers.

People fall in love for a whole lot of reasons, and it's overly easy for them to be satisfied when these reasons or, needs are met. It's not difficult to tell when a woman loves you. Telling when a woman doesn't love you is even easier. A woman who truly loves you will not do some certain things to you. We have carefully selected 5 out of a host of other things that a woman who loves you wouldn't do to you.

1. Compare you to anyone else

Nobody appreciates being compared with anyone. Everybody is unique in his own way. People feel offended when they are being compared with others, especially when the one doing the comparison is someone we love. All fingers are not equal, and it even gets worse is the person you are being compared with is actually better than you.

2. Too busy for you

Nobody is ever really too busy for the people they truly love. People will always make time to be with the people they love. Spending good amount of quality time together helps couples bond more. Healthy bonding in a romantic relationship helps keep arguments and misunderstanding out in a relationship.

3. She will not disrespect you

Respect, like they say is reciprocal. When someone shows you respect, it's important to respect them as well. Especially in a romantic relationship. It's important to receive respect from others because, it makes us to feel a lot more comfortable, and easily express our feelings. The importance of respect in your relationships cannot be overemphasized. It helps builds feelings of trust and safety.

4. She will not cheat on you

When a woman really loves you, the mere thought of cheating on you wouldn't even cross ger mind. There an implied condition of fidelity that comes with being being in a relationship. Having an affair with another, means you have little or no respect at all for your partner. Infact, fantasising or thinking of someone else while in a committed relationship is as bad as it gets.

5. She will not misuse your money

If there's one thing that's not easy to come by, it's money. The extent which people go to get it is alarming. Woman like to spend, which isn't all bad But when money is been spent on luxuries and not necessities, it could be considered as misuse. A woman who loves you truly would not misuse something that gave you a hard time earning.

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