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5 Ways To Approach A Beautiful Girl

It takes a lot of confidence to approach a girl. And confidence is one major things that eludes not only some guys, but humans in general. If you happen to be a guy who has absolutely no difficulty approaching a girl. Or you approach them like there's nothing to it. Then I have to say that you haven't the slightest clue of what your fellow brethren have to go through on a daily.

It's important for every guy to know how to atleast approach a girl because, at some point in life, every they would need to get themselves a girl. With exceptions to the ones who plan to attend seminary school. So even if you cannot approach a girl because you are lacking the needed confidence or your cannot clear out the uncertainties of possible out comes off your mind. Then these 5 tricks are for you.

1. Make eye contact with her

Whenever she looks at you, look at her and immediately look away. Keep looking at her from time to time. Once in a while you could lock your gaze at her for sometime, and then look away again. You could very well be building s_xual attraction just by doing this. But then, if she doesn’t reciprocate, well, what can I say? she’s probably not interested in you. However, the point here is that maintaining eye contact is one of the easiest ways to communicate with a girl without saying a word.

2. Try To Smile at her

Here's the trick, while exchanging frequent eye contacts, say two minutes interval and no more than that. If you happen to be feeling pretty confident, you could flash a sharp smile from the corner of your lip for a second or two, let her notice your smile. Remember, a smile, not a big grin, an awkward big grin at this stage will definitely scare any girl away.

3. Ask To Buy Her A drink

Here's one that works magic that you should probably try out at a bar. After you must have built the eye staring up and roused her interest. Offer to buy her the same drink she’s already having, simply tell the waiter to serve it to her. The waiter will surely drop a corny message like “the gentleman sitting over there asked to give you this". And you could start a good rapport from there.

4. Patiently Wait For The Right Moment

Here's another trick. Here, all you need to do is wait for her to give you a chance to talk to her. If she’s interested in you and wants to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to her, she would create opportunities for you to basically just walk up to her. One of the easiest ways she could do this is by walking to the ladies room alone, moving away from her friends by taking a call, or if she's feeling confident she could just smile at you and leave the place so you can follow her.

5. Use Gestures

Our last trick on the list is to use the right gestures to get her attention. It could be really tricky, but the most important thing is to get the message across. It's always going to work, as long as you do it with the slightest conviction. Look directly at her, and smile, or move your neck sideways and smile. You could also pop your eyebrow to the direction of an exit door. Even if she doesn’t get it, you can walk up to the place you were pointing at by yourself, she’ll definitely understand you mean.

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