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Why you should not eat with your wife

Love is getting interesting these days; you see different types of marriage going down because of their so called love. A couple set up for dinner, they chose to use the same plate to eat all in the name of love, and they do everything together. But one day, they set up for dinner; the wife served their dinner in a plate.

Below are some reasons why you should not eat with your wife:

1.     You might not feel comfortable.

You might not feel comfortable while eating with your wife due to the bad habit you see in her. Imagine you guys are eating and all of a sudden she sneezed inside the food, how will you feel? This is irritating; it can cause a misunderstanding among you guys. This can later cause hatred between you guys.

2.      Time wasting:

There are some couples that are so romantic even when they are eating, they want to feed each other and do other romantic stuffs which is time wasting. Eating with your wife can take a very long time if care is not taken. If she is a romantic type, she might want to make that period romantic.

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