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Why It Is Important To Endure Till The Wedding Night Before Making Love

It is quite unfortunate that ladies now find it difficult to keep themselves pure before their wedding night. The Bible however frowns against it and we are expected to flee from worldly lust. We should not follow the multitude to do evil and God will help us in Jesus' name. Here are reasons why ladies should endure till their wedding night before making love:

(1) The pleasure of having waited till your wedding night.

You will have that feeling that you are fulfilled because you have waited till your wedding night and you have kept yourself pure. Though it wasn't easy, you overcame all temptations, and there you are, happy and fulfilled.

(2) The pleasure of giving your husband pleasure

It is always a pleasure for a man to make love to his wife on their wedding night. It becomes more fun when he meets her as a virgin. It increases the pleasure and puts in him a spirit of importance and fulfillment.

(3) The pleasure of winning your husband's pride and trust forever

It is definitely worth it because as a lady, you have won your man's trust forever. "A woman who kept herself pure for me should get the best from me forever," he would say. However, there is no love without trust, especially during the marriage.

(4) The pleasure of having a solid, skyrocketing self-esteem

Though everyone was doing it, you decided not to do it and you will just have to be proud of yourself. You would look back and with the things you have heard and seen, you stayed strong and weren't tossed by the sea. It helps a lot.

(5) The pleasure of expecting pregnancy without worrying whether your womb has been damaged by the multiple abortions you did before the wedding. A lot of ladies got their womb damaged before marriage due to multiple abortions and they wouldn't even know until they marry. After marriage, then they realize that they cannot give birth again.

(6) The pleasure of having no past lover to compare your spouse to. It helps you to thoroughly enjoy making love with your husband. As a Christian, your spouse should be the first person you ever entered into a relationship with. You are a child of God and you shouldn't be involved in the things of the world. When you cannot compare your husband to an ex, then you are good to go.

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