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For Men: 6 Things a Man Is Advised To Achieve Before Getting Married

Every man who wants to live a comfortable life with his wife, and also enjoy his home (marriage), should try to achieve 90% of the below listed basic things, before getting married. 

1. He Should Have a Well Paying Job:

This is the very first, and most important achievement a man should have before, signing in for marriage. You won't enjoy your home, if you don't have a good source of income to sustain yourself, and your wife. 

So, you must have a good paying work, either self-employed or you are still working under someone, but just make sure that the job pays you well, and can stay for a long time, and can also sustain you. 

2. A comfortable Apartment or House of Your Own:

You should have a comfortable apartment where you can call a home, or you can still build yours if the money is there, but in a situation where you don't have money, I will advise you rent. Comfortable apartment with enough space to contain a family. 

3. Enough Savings:

It's essential you have a good savings, or a savings account with huge amount of money that can help or save you in terms of emergency or need. Savings are the best idea for a man who wants to start up a family because many things can raise at any given period of time. So, when you have savings, you can save yourself via monetary aspect. 

4. A Good Investment:

A man should have a lifetime investment that can produce good profit in the future. This is essential for every man in life. This should be part of plans every man should make before planning to get married. 

5. Cooking Skills:

You should at least, have a good cooking skills if not in all foods, but know how to cook some basic foods like rice, beans, indomie and other common foods, so you can prepare those kinds of foods when your wife is tired or not strong enough to cook. 

Also, every woman enjoys/love a man who can also cook. Having a good cooking skill is a sign that the man is ready for marriage. 

6. A Car (Optional):

I made car optional, but it's also important if you have the money. So get a car which can transport yourself and family to wherever you want to go to. 

Having a car is part of the good achievement a man should make, before settling for marriage, so he can enjoy his home. 

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