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5 Easy Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

There are few things to do to make your guy miss you, and yearn for your presence. For you to learn how to make him miss you, you have to read this essay very carefully.

These are the 5 easy ways to make a guy miss you.

1. Always dress smart, and irresistible. If you want to make your man miss you, you have to uplevel your appearance, and try to dress smart, elegant, and classy. You have got to spice up your wardrobe and give him a magical appearance that he will always remember. He will always want to be with you all the time or think about you.

2. Be active on social media. All those cute, lovely pictures of you, and your girls having fun, you have to post them on your social media account. The sweet, and lovely comments you will get from your admirers, and friends would make him feel jealous. He will see that you are having a good life even without him.

3. Try to keep yourself busy. For you to make him miss you, you need to step down on your availability by making yourself busy. He would know that you can do without him, and you are a valuable person. Try to make him crave your presence, and your man would miss you greatly, but you have to be careful not to appear too distant.

4. Pamper yourself. Try to buy those fancy bags, and shoes you admire. You could even get a pair for him. You have to take good care of yourself, and pamper yourself. It will make him respect you, and value you. He will also recognize your worth, and miss you so much.

5. Don’t be quick to reply to his texts. When he texts you, don't reply to him immediately. Show him that you have another life going on. When he calls, you should make it brief, and don't have a long conversation with him on the phone. Trust me, he will miss your laughter, company, and conversations. He will crave to go back to those sweet moments and miss you a lot.

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