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My Son Has Been Doing This To Me Since He Turned 20 (Fiction)

I pray every parent on this platform won't have any problem with their children, but this isn't only just about praying, this about teaching your children the right, and the wrong, most especially the way of God, I failed to train my son, and it ended terribly for me. Kindly learn from my story, and protect your future. Here is my story;

I was born into a very poor background, and a good christian family of 6, consisting of my father, mother, and 4 siblings, though, I was the only female. My parent taught us the way of God, and we followed in his way until I was led astray by my friends.

I was sent to a government secondary school where I made some new friends. I was nicknamed "miss preacher" because I usually preach to students, and most especially my friends. I found out my friends drinks, and smokes when we were just 15, and I couldn't believe because we were so young. I used to preach for them until the day I caught them smoking, and they threatened to kill me if I don't smoke.

To cut the long story short, I joined their group, and I started living recklessly till I got pregnant when I was just 19. I was disowned by my parents, and I did several bad things to survive, till the extent that I sold alcohol. I never cared to send my son to school, and if he fights outsider, and was beaten, I'll beat him, and send him back that he must beat whoever he fought with before returning home.

This continues for several years till my son started breaking bones, and hurting people. I never cared because that was how I wanted it. He joined cult, and fights in different areas, different places. However, since he turned 20, I couldn't control him any longer, he regularly beats me not considering I gave birth to him, many people have been beating to coma by him, he has turned to something else, a monster to be precise.

Please teach your children the way of God, always remind them what's wrong and right. I have learnt my lesson in a hard way.

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