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Man Surprises Dying Girlfriend By Fulfilling Her Last Wish (PICS+VIDEO)

Life is one thing you won't have forever and that is why you must seize every opportunity that comes your way and make the most off them. While life is temporary, there are few other things that will last forever and love is one of those things. True love don't die even when the person you share your heart with dies.

A man who is likely to be in his 30's has fulfilled the last wish of his girlfriend who is suffering from a terminal disease and has just one month to live on earth. The pair have been dating for 5 years and he has been with her all these years in spite of her condition.

Despite knowing that she has just a month to live after doctors had done everything possible but to no avail, he went ahead to propose to her. It was a very emotional scene as both were broken to tears.

In the video, he blindfolded her and walked her out of the hospital alongside a doctor. While she flips the note he had written, the young man went emotional and by the time she was done with the notes, he removed the blindfold, knelt down to propose to her.

I felt the need to share this very touching story with everyone. We are in an age where a lot of persons have certain misconceptions about love. Love is not just a feeling, because feelings can die. Love is eternal, it last forever even when you've lost your better half to death.


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Life is indeed temporary but love will always prevail and it stays forever. Love is felt most when it is genuine. It sees beyond one's imperfections, condition and all that.

I hope you have been inspired by this story. Leave a comment and share with friends!!!

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