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After Lady Advised Ladies To Dump Broke Boyfriends And Go For the Rich Ones, See Reactions

Relationship is meant to be a union between two matured people who are both willing to give each other a try, work towards seeing if they can stay together and if it works, then they proceed to the alter and officially get joined as one body. This originally was the idea behind being in a relationship but at time went by, that notion changed and people now go into relationships because of what they can get out of it, and not really to contribute something.

Some ladies now see that as a poverty alleviation program in which when into, the man should take full responsibility of taking care of them, providing for them in all they seek for without them really contributing much to it.

However, men on the other hand when being tasked so much financially by a lady, either move away from such lady, or keep doing so with the hope of finding a better woman. Then should they see you advising other ladies to stay away from men that can't foot their bills, it adds more to the already angry state that they've been.

A lady by name Niyola took to Twitter recently to advice ladies to stay away from any man, that doesn't foot their bills but rather go for the rich guys who can provide for them.

This got some people angry especially the guys that some even dragged her for that.

See below:

To avoid getting disrespected as a lady due to minor things, get yourself a job and work towards making your own money. Relationship isn't a poverty alleviation scheme but a union of two matured minds, who are willing to help each other grow.

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