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Five Things A Girl Would Do When She Likes You.

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and while a girl might not openly express her feelings to a guy, there are some other ways she would use to convey the message to him. When a girl likes a guy, she is sure to start acting different towards that guy than she does with other men.

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So in this article, i would be listing some things a girl would do when she has feelings for you.

1. She Would Be More Open With You.

Girls tend to be more open around the guy they like, they are open for conversation and are way nicer than usual. Girls know that when they are more open, it becomes easier for a guy to get to know them and maybe even get aquinted to them.

So when a girl becomes more open with you than she usually does, then she has feelings for you.

2. She Would Pay More Attention To You.

This is very common to both men and women, when a person you like is talking to you, you tend to pay them more attention. When a girl is not interested in a guy she would pay him very little to no attention, but when she catches feelings she would pay more attention to him.

So when a girl starts paying lots of attention to you then it's a sign that she is beginning to like you.

3. She Would Be Eager To Help You.

Generally we all like to help people we have interest in, it is in our nature. So when a girl likes you she would be more eager to help you in what ever way she can. So when you notice this habit from a girl, then she has began catching some feelings for you.

4. She Would Make Out Time For You.

Women are very good with coming up with excuses, especially when a guy they do not like is asking them out. But when a girl easily makes our time to spend with you, then she has some feelings for you.

Women love spending time together with someone they love. The more time you both spend together, the more chemistry you both build.

5. She Would Support And Cheer You On.

No woman likes to see a man they genuinely love looking sad and unhappy, when this happens she would try her possible best to light up he's mode. So when a lady always support's and cheer you on when ever you are feeling down, it's because she has some interest for you.

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