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A woman abandoned her disabled husband with the children, but this photo changed their life forever

A guy named Jhunnel works as a real estate agent in the capital of the Philippines.

Once, in the middle of his working day the man went to one of the numerous fast food restaurants in the city to have lunch.

Having ordered food and resolving issues over the phone, he noticed a table which was nearby. A man and two girls were sitting at the table, the children were having fun and enjoying their meal while their skinny father was glad just looking at them.

He ordered them everything that they desired and he was counting several coins that he had in his hands.

It was evident that he was hungry but he did not eat anything, at the same time he did not refuse anything to his little daughters but the only thing he was worried is whether he had enough money to buy them more food if they suddenly ask for something else.

Jhunnel quietly took a picture of the stranger with his daughters and decided to come up and to talk to them, Obviously the story of that man touched him deeply.

It turned out that the man’s name was Ryan and his daughters name were May and Ann. The father of the family suffered a stroke several years ago after that one part of his body was paralyzed which made him disabled, Ryan's wife having heard that he could not properly earn money for their family abandoned him and took the children.

The hardest thing for him to understand was that when he was in trouble, his beloved wife betrayed him but Ryan did not even think of giving up because he knew that he had two daughters and he must do his best to bring them up.

Later the man proved that he was able to earn money and regain the right to see his daughters, his wife didn’t mind leaving the girls to their father.

Ryan and his daughters lived in a small container with an area of 4.5 square yards, the structure was build from old plywood and rusty iron sheets.

The man earns a living by trading and he also receives some help from the state to the poorest people, as it results, the money was enough only for food and some school supplies for the girls. 

May is in the second grades and little Ann goes to kindergarten, this day Ryan arranged his little celebrations for his daughters.

He had been saving money for a month to bring his girls to a fast food restaurant because he believes that a good father should not only bring foods to his house but also take care so his children dreams could come true.

All day long Jhunnel was thinking about this meeting, having returned home he could not fall asleep for a long time.

He did not know how he could help them in the situation but he knew one thing that it’s better to do something than just do nothing. 

He posted the photos of the family on one of the social networks, but to his surprise the post quickly became popular and people began to offer help to Ryan

In less than a month, thanks to caring people even in such a poor country as the Philippines, it became possible to collect the financial assistance that Ryan found enough to renovate his modest home. 

One charitable organisation helped arrange may into a private school where she can get a good education and a scholarship while Jhunnel gave Ryan a cellphone. 

In addition, the local books store promised to take care of the school supplies for the children.

But most importantly Ryan did not spend the money that was sent to him, he decided to invest it in his business, having bought several tricycles, now he rents them out. 

Thanks to his loving heart, the single father was able to attract other people’s attention but in this story there’s another hero who did not pass by as it often happens, who did not think that he was unable to change anything, who simply had a desire to help and he decided to act and his help changed the life of the man’s family and also his personal life forever. 

Moreover, Jhunnel and Ryan are friends now and Ryan is planning to buy a new home for his daughters and develop his small business. 

Friends, what Do you personally think? Is it worth helping people who needed if no one asks you about it? Or is it better not to interfere in another person’s life.

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