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10 tips to reduce cost when planning your wedding

In Nigeria as well as around the world, weddings are sacred. It is the conjugal binding of two persons for life. In Nigeria, it is also the joining together of two families for life. It is celebrated with fanfare and feasting.

However, most people get carried away with the euphoria of getting married and make decisions that hurt their finances for life.

I have carefully analyzed some tips to reduce the amount of money you spend.

10. Start early

It is advised that you should begin planning at least six months before the wedding but don't send out invitations until a month or two weeks before the wedding. This will give you time to adequately plan the day. Get your gown a month before your wedding to avoid stories that touch the heart and approve it with the church. Be sure of your date and finalize it at a month before the wedding. This will help you handle every detail.

9. Use your friends

If you have a friend or group of friends that are into catering eg. Cakes, food and drinks. Make them in charge of that and pay them for it. It's a win win situation. They won't overcharge you and they get the push they need for their business. If you have friends who is a DJ, MC, make-up artist, decorator and so on, employ their services and pay them. You'll find out that you'll pay less. Some might even do it for free. Compare their prices though.

8. Write a well detailed plan

You need a plan for everything. Make a list of all the things you'll need. Make a list of friends who are into those kinds of things that can do it for you and how much they're charging for their services. You should know how much you have by now and plan your wedding according to the amount you have.

7. Rent the gown don't buy

Gown design upgrades all the time and your kids might not want to use your gown because it might be outdated by then. Rent the gown you want. It's just for a day. Don't even sew it because after that day you can't wear it again.

6. Be creative not expensive

Get matching outfits with your husband for the final outing (Igbo traditional wedding). The other two times, get a wrapper and tie and wear those Edo shoulder bead and waist beads and just hold that horsetail (the decorator usually comes with it), you can just sew a gown for the second outing and put on beads. You can tweak it any other way to suit your needs.

5. Use cheap open spaces for the reception or traditional wedding.

Most people do their traditional wedding in villages. Villages have fields and primary schools with large playground. Just go there and request to use the place for an event, it's mostly free plus you will save that hall rental money. The decorator will make the place look sweet eventually.

4. No need to fly anyone in or pay for transport fare.

If you don't have friends that can help you do some things for your wedding don't worry, you can source for them in the environment you want to hold your wedding in. Indigenes will tell you who their local champion is. There is no need to fly or pay for transport fare to bring in someone from Lagos all the way to the East especially if you can't afford it.

3. Plan your after wedding life before planning the wedding

Before you even start planning on getting married, get a conducive apartment. Make sure you both agree to the place. Furnish it to your capability, buy kitchen utensils as well as food stuffs that will last you guys for at least three months. I've seen in Onitsha the case of a man going to the marketplace to buy stuffs to cook in the evening after her wedding. There was still confetti in her hair. People kept asking her if everything was ok, I felt for her. You should never depend on gifts to acquire essential things. A newly married couple in Lagos had to unwrap gifts in order to get stove to warm the leftover party rice and eat. These are people that booked a hall for 250 thousand naira. You should not depend on the money sprayed on you at the wedding to pay for some things. Plan after married life before planning the wedding.

2. Cut your coat according to your material

I don't believe in cutting your coat according to size. If I have two yards, I have to choose styles that'll make the material enough. If I saw it according to size, I might get only top or only skirt and I'll still be looking for what to wear to complete the outfit but if I sew according to the material, I'll sew a simple gown and still be good to go. Know how much you have and plan accordingly.

1. Don't try to impress anybody

This is the leading cause of debt. You can spend all your money trying to look some kind of way to some kind of people. Don't forget they'll leave at the end of the wedding and it'll be just you and your partner suffering in silence. If you come and lend money from anyone six months after getting married, they won't even answer you.

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