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Husband and wife relationship

How To Turn Down Your Husband's Urge Without Hurting His Feelings

It happens sometimes that the wife might not be in the mood while her husband wants to satisfy his urge.

Wisdom is required in between the husband's emotions not being hurt and the wife not being forced to do what she's not disposed to do.

You don't want to hurt your partner, and you don't want to displease yourself either.

However, turning down your husband's urge cannot affect your marriage if you do the following.

Give A Valid Excuse To Him

You need to give him a well-grounded or justifiable reason why you don't desire physical intimacy at that time.

He needs to understand that you are not turning him down out of hatred. You must explain your reasons to him in a well-detailed manner.

Don't be harsh on him as you are trying to give him the reasons why you are not in the mood.

Propose Another Time For Him

Another thing you need to do is to propose another time for both of you to get intimate.

This will make him understand that it's not as though you are turning him down completely, but just for the moment.

However, don't make sure a better time you suggest for him is not too far.

When the time comes, don't wait for him to initiate the idea first, you should be the one to introduce it to him.

You can even remind him about it a few hours before the time you both agreed.

Stay Physically Connected To Him

Don't just go to bed immediately after giving him your excuses and suggesting another time, hold him close.

Hold his hands or hold him close to you. Let there be a touch or a connection between you and him so that he doesn't feel abandoned or denied his right.

This will help him to understand you better.

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