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3 Ways To Get Him In The Mood

Sometimes getting your man in the mood could be very tasking for you as a woman especially when he is not just down for anything, below are 3 ways that you could use to get your man in the mood:

1.) Cook his favorite meal: A very simple way to get your man in the mood is to simply cook his favorite meal for him, we all know that the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. When you cook a man's favorite meal just know that you have awoken the dragon in him by getting him in the mood.

2.) Wear his favorite underwear: Another way to get your man in the mood is to wear his favorite underwear, this has proven to work like magic between most couples and that is because most men can't resist it whenever they see their women in their favorite lingerie or underwear.

3.) Wear his clothes: I know this works very well also because I am a fan of it, there is something so unique about it whenever your woman puts on your clothes.

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