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Opinion: As a man, show your girlfriend/wife these 2 things regularly to earn her genuine loyalty

Some time ago, popular Nigerian singer Davido, in his hit song tagged 'Assurance', filled his lyrics with some core lines about Love. A particular line that caught my utmost attention goes thus, "Love is sweet o, but when money enters... it would be sweeter!" While I agree that was his own view based on his own feelings; I would also want to believe that for a love bond to be 'sweeter' between two individuals, it goes beyond just the availability of plenty money! Positive feelings & undiluted Loyalty have to be enjoyed in a relationship for such love to be sweeter!

And, for reference, below I've tried to outline the two (2) major things that a boyfriend/husband can actually show his beloved girlfriend/wife, to earn her undivided Loyalty!

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that money is not important in a love relationship. My point is, aside the factor of money, there are still some other equally significant things that a man can do to impress his girlfriend/wife, in-order to enjoy a beneficial love bond!

Checkout below the 2 things that I think any man can showcase to his girlfriend/wife to earn her undivided loyalty:

* Be Sympathetic

A man shouldn't only be 'caring' when there is money to spend, or whenever the going gets good. He should also be observant to his girlfriend's/wife's somewhat negative moments. Always show that sympathy whenever she's (physically or psychologically) feeling down; typical females often crave a positive shoulder to lean on during times of struggles, and they (females) love to cherish those periods of 'healing'!

* Be a Fan

You don't even need to pretend on this one. You must be genuine in celebrating with your girlfriend/wife whenever she achieves a feat. Don't just give a simple wave of hand, make sure you have a nice romantic mood with her to celebrate the moment. It wouldn't even cost you a fortune, just a simple quiet & fun time with ONLY both of you! Always be your lady's No.1 fan, and genuinely cheer her all the way whenever she gets done something good! Ladies, naturally, they love cheerleaders!

Those two (2) points raised above are just my simple thoughts, on what a man can possibly do for her girlfriend/wife in-order to enjoy her undiluted loyalty!

What do you think - do you agree with my 2 points?

Share your thoughts!

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