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(OPINION) Can Bride price be a reason, why a man wouldn't get married.

Alot of men this day keep giving excuses of not getting married. They may give excuses of not being ready to take family responsibilities, some may say no due to financial instability, and so on. But there are people who chose not to marry because of the tradition of the bride. How can a real man say he can not marry a girl, he is seeing future with because of bride price. I know a girl friend whose promising boyfriend later told her that he can't marry her because she is the first daughter and it will involve alot to pay her dowry, and other family matters. I couldn't bring a real answer from why someone will give it as an answer instead of being real and tell her that he is no longer interested. Can this be true.

How can a real man give such excuses, don't he believes that he can work and get money to cater for her and the family. She being the first daughter doesn't mean that she has all functions in her family, even if she has, you can be of good help to her. They young man can work for himself and his wife family, if they don't have. I have seen a man who catered and took care of his in- laws till death and still gave them a fitting burial. If one has the money, I see know reason to consider dowry as an expensive thing.

Bride price shouldn't be a reason, especially when you love the girl you want to get married to. All you need is to see the girl's parents and talk with them. They can help reduce or put it in a way you can handle it as far as they see you as a responsible man who is ready to take care of their daughter. The bride price you are paying not for the girl's family, it is traditionally for the kins men and is a tradition. They family has only a small portion from it. You are buying the lady, because you can't buy her, she is too expensive. The little money you are spending is just for celebration and happiness. Some families sometimes deny themselves the little portion just to make their in-laws proud. Let us try to understand what all these are for.

They ladies also have to help the husband, she can give him the little she has in support of the marriage. It is not meant for only the men. Both have to work together for the betterment of their family.

Men should remove the stupid mentality of paying bride price for girl's family. I believe that mentality is for the poor and selfish, who find ways of giving excuses. Before you came they were feeding and had everything they wanted. They trained their daughter to be someone you can admire, so you need to bless them. I believe before you started talking of getting married, you have started saving money and planning for the family and whatever that will come out from it. Happily embrace it and do what is needful.

Thanks for reading, you can like, comment down for what you think, should bride price be a reason why a man shouldn't get marry or is there any other reasons behind it?

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