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Wives Of 3 Celebrities Who Stuck With Their Partners When They Had Little Until They Became Successful

Special accolades should go to females who hold their man down through poverty, failure and zero business opportunities, because if another person were to be in their position, they would have fled. There are a few Nigerian celebrities who are admired for the way they stuck with their partners through their struggling days.

These special set of women should be recognized, so in this article I will mention just three of them.

1. Juliet Okonkwo, Wife of Emeka Okonkwo (E-money)

When Juliet met Emeka, he was still struggling to make ends meet. During their meeting, Emeka appeared to be living with his brothers in what seems like a slum of Ajegunle in Ajeromi-Ifelodun local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Still her love for him did not waver. Juliet was attracted to E-money's good looks, good heart and potentials.

Image Credit - E-money/Instagram

She still had Faith that Emeka would become a successful person in life. To support him, Juliet looked forward to getting a job immediately after graduation. She stood by him through his struggling days and is still with him now that he has become wealthy.

Image Credit - E-money/Instagram

The two grew up from being best friends to being lovers and then a married couple. Their marriage has stood the test of time and also one of the most admired celebrity relationships.

2. Anne Idibia, Wife of Tuface Idibia

When Tuface opened up on why he chose to marry Annie out of his five baby mamas, he said that Annie stuck by him through the rainy and sunny days. Annie was there by him through it all. When there was no car, she hopped on bikes, took the bus, and even trekked with him. When there was no money or house or hit songs or millions of albums sold or big awards and accolades, she would always hold his head, look him in the eyes and tell him things will be fine one day.

Image Credit - Annie Idibia/Instagram

After Tuface made it big as a musician and started misbehaving and controversies almost destroyed his career, Annie would go down on her knees and pray to God to show him the way and give him victory over his enemies. She has always been that true friend Tuface never had. And he chose to marry her not because she had more to offer him, but because she offered him her all when he had very little.

3. Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman, partner of Nigerian singer, Olamide

While other slay queens are in search of men with 10 figures in their account, Adebukunmi embraced Olamide when he had zero coins in his account. Adebukunmi became Olamide's girlfriend when he was broke and unsuccessful. She stayed down with him and grew up with him.

Image Credit - Adebukunmi/Instagram

Bukunmi was a faithful partner and when Olamide started to make it big in life, he didn't forget her. Olamide got engaged to Adebukunmi in 2018, and in 2019, they welcomed their second son.

Image Credit - Adebukunmi/Instagram

Today, they are living very peacefully in the US. Their relationship is one of the most admired, especially because they are a young couple.

These women have shown the world what it means to be a true partner to your husband. Look closely and you will see that they are enjoying their relationships. That is because when you get past the stage of building, the rest becomes easy. No rumour or controversy can upset their marriages at this point in their lives. They are currently reaping the fruits of their labour and God must be very pleased with them.

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