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Husband and wife relationship

7 Character Traits You May Look for in A Woman

Women are made by God to give men comfort as they also aspire to be the best God has made them be. When it comes to marriage, we all have different qualities we want women to have. A man may want a woman who can cook and to another man, cooking is not an issue because he can hire a cook to teach his wife or allow the cook to keep doing his work while he pays him for the service rendered on either a monthly basis or weekly basis.

However, there are other qualities I think a man may look for in a woman he wants to marry because of the benefit he will enjoy when they finally come together as husband and wife.

Below are 5 Character Traits You May Look for in A Woman

1. Have love/fear for God. Look for a woman who has the fear of God. When a woman fears God, there are many things she will never do. Even when you are not around. She will be conscious that God is watching her and that will prevent her from cheating on you. She will not only be living to satisfy you but to please God too. She will obey God's word on marriage. She will not want to divorce you Malachi 2:16, she will not deny you her body 1 Corinthians 7:5 and she will honor you Ephesians 5:24.

2. A woman who respects you. When you see a woman who respects you, you may choose her. She recognizes your position as her head. Respect is a good quality in a woman.

3. Accept her mistakes. A woman who accepts her faults without justifying them will possibly make a change and correct her wrong than a lady who justifies her wrongs by giving excuses.

4. Respects her parents. When a lady respects her parents, she will like to respect you too. But if she talks down on her parents, you may have to think twice. Remember, marriage is a long journey, choose a woman who will respect you as you embark on it.

5. Supportive. A supportive woman will help you have a good marriage because she will support you prayerfully, by giving you quality advice and financial support.

6. Believe in modesty. Look for this quality in a woman, you will not regret it. A woman who believes in modesty will help you plan your future together, will not want to waste your resources, and will dress like a married neat woman. She will cover all areas that should be covered as a married woman.

7. Willing to be a wife and mother. Never assume that every lady wants to become a mother as soon as you get married and you can not force them once you get married. So, discuss this with the lady and go with the ready one. A mother doesn't just give birth, they will give their children good home training and you will be glad you did.

Every woman is good but a woman who has these qualities may be able to give you a peaceful home and rest of mind.

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