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Here Is One Kind Of Food Most Men Enjoy That Negatively Affect Their Bedroom Life

An ancient health adage would quote "We are what we eat". This article will show you a kind of food most men enjoy that affects their bedroom life poorly.

While the urge for intimacy is something that has more to do with our hormones, erection itself that can make the act worthwhile and long lasting has more to do with flow of blood through our blood vessels.

There are scenarios where the urge is present but the male genitalia can't make the needed response of getting hard and this is usually a humiliating condition on the side of the man.

A lot of conditions can lead to this and among them, one a lot of people seem not to know is that our feeding habits can affect our bedroom life.

Source: Water Way

When we develop the lifestyle of always consuming sugary drinks as well other foods stacked with artificial sweeteners, their impacts on out overall health usually won't be favourable and our bedroom life would be only an example of the negative impacts excessive consumption of such foods make in our lives.

When we regularly consume artificial sugar as well as soda, our blood vessels get affected. This makes their elasticity to decrease, making them narrow and thus, preventing a smooth and steady flow of blood through them to the body organs and tissues including the tissue responsible for erection.

In the male private part, there is a well vascularized tissue located there and it is known as the corpus cavernosum. This tissue is what makes erection possible and erection occurs when there a steady influx of blood to this tissue.

A strong erection would occur when the arteries are dilated to enhance a more stable flow of blood, making more volumes of blood get to the organs.

Consumption of foods rich in high sugar actually would do more harm than good especially when you make it a habit.

A lot of men do not know this and would always take enhancers to boost their game, share this article with them and let them learn to help themselves by avoiding sugary things.

Note that a couple other things can also lead to weak and non lasting erection. This right here is only one of them.

Sources: Tribuneonline, Healthline

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