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How To Know If The Lady You're Dating Is The One You Should Marry

If you've been having a hard time setting down because you haven't met the perfect one for you, the signs we about to discuss should help you identify the lady you should marry.

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1. You Feel Jealous When She's Not With You:

This is one clear sign that you shouldn't joke with, if you notice that you're always getting jealous when you see your girl talking to another guy, she might be that lucky one that has captured your heart 

Being jealous in the sense that you don't feel comfortable when she's with another person apart from yourself.

2. She Doesn't Force You To Change Yourself For Her Sake:

If you start doing things that you don't normally do or things that doesn't sit right with your conscience just to impress someone, you shouldn't even be talking to that person in the first place.

The girl who's meant for you wouldn't try to change you in any way, she would like you for just being yourself and not anybody else.

3. She Refuse To Leave Even When Things Get Tough:

The girl who's meant for you wouldn't think about leaving you just because you're going through a tough time. She would even be the one giving you words of encouragement because she completely believes in you.

Other signs include:

4. She gives you peace of mind.

5. She completely trusts you.

6. You can't stop thinking about her or the time you spent together.

If you notice these signs in the girl that you're dating, your days of searching for a perfect partner has officially come to an end.

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