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Opinion: 3 things most women do when they don't know how to tell a man they're interested in him

Nowadays, women find it a little bit difficult to express how they feel to the man they like or love. Instead of openly expressing their feelings to him, they leave signs and clues for the guys to decipher so that they can make the first move or impression on them.

Well, in this article we will be taking a look at three major signs women exhibits to show a guy they're interested in them ;

Making Eye Contact.

A lot of women do this frequently. When they're interested in a particular guy, they make quick eye glances towards the direction of the man in order to gain his attention.

Trying to be interested in everything The Man likes.

We all know it's rare to see a woman who's mostly interested in things that only men do. But, when a woman really likes a man, she tries her best to make sure she knows a few or all the things her man is really interested in.

Being Close To Him Most Of The Time.

Most women won't be able to resist how they feel when the man they like is around them, as they'll make sure they're closer to him than normal.

What's your take on this?, Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below... Thanks.

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