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OPINION: Ladies should note the reasons why infrequent phone calls do not imply fake love

Love is that silent breeze in the hearts of men waiting to be triggered. Young men are always faced with challenges of the best ways to approach or woo a lady they admire. Some people have a natural instinct of approaching women with utmost temerity while some others do not. But when a lady welcomes your approach, the next challenge is how to win her heart.

Conversely, women are different too in terms of how readily they give attention to a guy coupled to the kind of moves that get them in love. But going by the little research I have carried out, I have come to agree that most women yield to constant calls. I mean that receiving of frequent calls triggers their approval of relationships and gets them remain in love. In fact, some of my female friends insist they should talk with their guys at least three times in a day. 

Well, conversing on regular basis with your lover over phone is wonderful, but is this a show of authentic love? I once read someone saying, "If he doesn't call you at least three times in a day, he does not love you." This is a claim that I will always dispute. 

I am one those people that insist frequent calls do not determine one's realness. You can't guarantee one's love through how often he calls you. Some people can call you ten times in a day so they can win your heart. Once they get what they want, the frequent calls dies off. 

Now, when I say infrequent phone calls do not mean loss of affection or fake love, I have my reasons. 

1. There are real lovers who are more focused on self-elevation that they wouldn't always call their partners. This, however, do not mean their love is fake. It could be because of their passion for a particular goal at a given time or because of the nature of their job. 

2. Some men naturally are not so romantic. These guys may be okay with a call per day. 

3. Sometimes in a relationship, one deserves to be given space so as to focus on a given task. It is believed that when in love, one's commitment to work is lowered. For example, a student deserves to be given a space during examination. Hence, one may not call frequently as a result of his commitment to a particular task. 

Now, my question to the ladies: Do frequent calls trigger your affection? And how many times do you expect your lover to call you in a day? 

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