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Husband and wife relationship

For Married Women: 5 Ways To Earn Your Mother-In-law's Love

When things start to get serious, especially in a marriage, you will want to do everything to keep the relationship intact. One of the ways to do so is by getting on the good side of the family members especially your mother-in-law. Sometimes, mothers-in-law are very difficult to impress but once you get their approval, your love life with your partner will be peaceful and perfect.

There are some great ways to win your mother-in-law's heart and it doesn’t require much stress. Below are the 5 smart ways to make your mother-in-law love you.

1. Praise Her Skills: Whenever she cooks, cleans, or sews a new dress, make sure to notice it and praise her. Make the praise detailed so she knows that you really like it. Doing this makes her know that you are indeed a good wife.

2. Always seek her guidance when making certain decisions: Your mother-in-law should be your best adviser because she's more experienced and knows many things about marriage. Seeking her advice or opinion will show that you trust her and takes her as a mother. In return, she will see you as a daughter with whom she can count on.

3. Pay attention to her when she's talking to you: Generally, mothers hate it when they are talking and you don't pay attention to them. It's a sign of disrespect and shows that you don't care about what they're saying. However, if you must earn your mother-in-law's love, then be sure to pay rapt attention to her.

4. Always obey her instruction: You're indeed a married woman and can decide whether to obey a third party's instructions or not. But you must understand that your husband's mother sees you as her little daughter and will often dish out instructions to you. It's however, advisable to obey her as long as it's not something you detest.

5. Spend more time with her: Spending time with your mother-in-law will not only give room for a healthy mother and daughter relationship but will allow her to teach you certain things about marriage, you'll get the opportunity to help her out with some domestic tasks such as cooking, laundering, and going to the market. You will end up earning her undying love by doing all these things.

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